Crasella Corneles (Sella)

Where Sella is from

Manado, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia



What was your dream when you were a kid? What was the reason?

I wanted to be a doctor when i was a kid. For me, it was cool to become a doctor and i can give a treatment to my parents without them have to pay.

What was your dream when you were 18 years old? What was the reason?

When i was 18, i did not think that much about my dream. I just chose my major based on the thing that i like. I like to talk with people, that was why i entered communication major for my undergrad. During my undergrad, i realized that i love to teach people for the things that i know, i want to be a lecturer.

What made you start thinking about social entrepreneurship/social enterprises? When was that?

I just knew the concept of social entrepreneurship when i was about to enroll at Hult. During my research about entrepreneurship, i found the concept of social entrepreneurship.

How much do you think social entrepreneurs play an important role in the world?

People always think that it is hard to change the world that it oh so bad now. But social entrepreneurs bring hope and we can see from them that it is possible to change the world, because they always start to change from a small step and then give the domino effect for people around them.

What would you say to future social entrepreneurs / those who are interested in social entrepreneurs?

It is worth it to see the world from the whole new concept that it is not always about finding profit, but also doing good for society.

What is your favorite quote? Who said that quote?

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Who Sella is

Sella is a mood maker. She is funny, always smiling and frolicking innocently. You can never predict when she might explode into laughter.

Sella usually says that she is a very shy person, but she is actually very friendly. It is true that she was quiet and nervous at school at first, but that character was gone quickly and she became a popular person, like a mascot, in a blink of an eye.

Sella was one of my first teammates at Hult so I know this; she is an admirable notetaker. Taking notes requires focusing, listening to what people say, getting points from conversations and writing them down, all very quickly. Sella can do those things. Believe me, you have no idea how many times her notes helped our team. People cannot remember everything and neither does Sella, but her note told us everything we needed. Being a hard worker and doing good research are also Sella’s best attributes.

In addition, she asks excellent questions and when she asks her questions she helps fill in gaps in knowledge that are missing from a conversation or presentation. She is also great at defining a goal for a project and coming up with a clear path to reach them. As a good notetaker and question-asker, overall Sella is amazing at synthesizing information, understanding what is valuable and not so valuable. This makes her a great teammate and a great communicator.

Oh, by the way, don’t make Sella too excited. She will speak very, very fast, get louder, talk a lot, and will end up like this. (*I’m going to show a funny video to describe the action.




Awesome Episode

Have you felt like eating something sweet when you get tired? Well, our team was not an exception. Ice cream that Sella brought into our team saved us during many team meetings. The reason that Sella got the ice cream was of course because she wanted to eat, not for our team, though. Lol. Not only that, snacks were always with her so she fed me a lot!




The Power of MSE

What Sella is holding is a symbol called “go-en(ご縁)”, which means ‘fate’, ’destiny’ and ’special tie.’

I believe that it is meant to be that we met in San Francisco! I studied Social Entrepreneurship with Sella for a year, saying “We will make the world a better place.” I would love to spend the rest of my life with MSEs (Master of Social Entrepreneurship; my classmates) until the very day I die. They have already completely changed my life.

At the same time, however, I also think that we should not be together all the time, because that is not the reason why we learned Social Entrepreneurship. That is not how we will deliver the impact we want to give to society and to the world.

I think MSEs are like dandelions. We were seeded at the first day at Hult and we bloomed on our graduation day. Our mission is that we spread all over the world like dandelions and seed the future, the next generation, from each place where each of us has landed.

本当にありがとう(Honto ni Arigato-); Thank you very very much for everything!! The world needs you! Let’s make the world a better place together!!


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