Reyna Cheryl Sondakh

Where Reyna is from

Jakarta, Java, Indonesia



What was your dream when you were a kid? What was the reason?

An astronaut, I thought it was cool. ;p


What was your dream when you were 18 years old? What was the reason?

A Fund Manager. My uncle, who is my godfather, is a fund manager. He inspired me to be a fund manager. Someone told me, if you want to be rich, work where the money’s at.


What made you start thinking about social entrepreneurship/social enterprises? When was that?

I worked in an NGO since my undergraduate’s graduation.

In the end of my undergrad’s year, I always thought that I will work in a big company first and save a lot of money, then I will work in social sector after I saved enough. However, I got the opportunities to work for social cause since graduation, so why not?


How much do you think social entrepreneurs play an important role in the world?

As important as they can be~ Their new solutions can change the world to be a better place. They will give an impact to the future world. However, those change will happen by collaborating with others who aren’t social entrepreneurs.

What would you say to future social entrepreneurs / those who are interested in social entrepreneurs?

If you want to solve any social problems, make sure to involve the people who affected by those social problems. Your solution probably great, but always think whether the communities can be self-sustain on using your solution when you’re not actively involved in the community anymore. ☺ But, any kind help is better than doing nothing at all. ☺ The most important is the sincerity on helping others and doing the business/project.


What is your favorite quote? Who said that quote?

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” – Bernard M. Baruch


Who Reyna is

Reyna is very funny and has various face expression options. You can probably tell through her photo, right? Not just her facial expression, the way she talks is like a heart rate, a pulse; never dead or monotone, but always up and down dramatically. It was so fun to chat with her.

Reyna is funny and definitely a mood maker, but it’s not always obvious. She is more of the “hidden” type. Until reaching her potential, you need to know about her more. People who spend a lot of time with her agree that she is like a comedian.

Reyna is strong with numbers and good at research. She is a good worker and someone who has got to do what she has got to do.

Reyna absolutely brought positive vibes into our class, which made our class much more fun.


Awesome Episode

Reyna speaks Japanese. I don’t mean to say that she is fluent but she does know many Japanese words and expressions; Konnichiwa (hello), Arigato (thank you), Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu (an expression for greeting). She pronounces them amazingly well and sounds natural. It is impressive. Whenever I talk to her, I sometimes feel as if I were having conversations with my Japanese friend.



The Power of MSE

What Reyna is holding is a symbol called “go-en(ご縁)”, which means ‘fate’, ’destiny’ and ’special tie.’

I believe that it is meant to be that we met in San Francisco! I studied Social Entrepreneurship with Reyna for a year, saying “We will make the world a better place.” I would love to spend the rest of my life with MSEs (Master of Social Entrepreneurship; my classmates) until the very day I die. They have already completely changed my life.

At the same time, however, I also think that we should not be together all the time, because that is not the reason why we learned Social Entrepreneurship. That is not how we will deliver the impact we want to give to society and to the world.

I think MSEs are like dandelions. We were seeded at the first day at Hult and we bloomed on our graduation day. Our mission is that we spread all over the world like dandelions and seed the future, the next generation, from each place where each of us has landed.

本当にありがとう(Honto ni Arigato-); Thank you very very much for everything!! The world needs you! Let’s make the world a better place together!!


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