David Byrd

[Where he is from]

Bourbonnais, Chicago, USA

[How I met David]

It was just a Friday for me in San Francisco, when was the last day I worked as a fundraiser standing on the street and talking to random people. I was getting emotional that moment, having my last day at work, missing my colleagues, not doing a good job, it getting dark outside, and I suddenly started hearing beautiful music. A street musician started playing his instrument, saxophone, and that was the music that David was playing. It was the moment I met him for the first time.


I still remember, the music I was hearing from David’s saxophone was “My Way”, which is one of my favorites.
It’d be so rude for myself to keep this moment and beautiful music by myself, so here is the My Way. If you’re high or pumped, you might not feel the same way I felt, but it’d be good time to listen to this in the evening or when you want to calmly think about something.

I wasn’t supposed to but I came chat with David WHILE I was working, simply because I couldn’t help it. He added me on Facebook, we’ve been friends since then!

[Who David Is]

I haven’t met anyone who is humbler than David in my life. He’s always smiling and it’s impossible for anyone feel uncomfortable or bad when he is around you. What I just said was very basic, normal and nothing like you’ve never heard of, but just come meet David and see he’s playing music, so you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
It will surprise you by counting how many people stop not just to listen to his saxophone playing but also to have a conversation with him. Look, even dogs wants to stop.





Whenever someone stop to chat with David, he stops playing his saxophone, takes time and talks with the person with smile and full appreciation, like shaking hands with two hands and bowing. David is very unique musician, who is very busy pausing his music often. The best part of the story is that David literally put a smile on EVERYONE’s face when they leave.
”That’s the key!” David shouted at me with full of passion. “Music is about connecting with people.”

David told me that he was in the worst neighborhood in Chicago, starting playing music on the street. Even though he used the word “the worst”, he loved it. “I learned all kinds of bad stuff going down, learned in a bad way, but music saved me, or I would be probably dead by now, haha.”

“I was more realistic when I was a kid than who I am now, but I noticed music is about connecting and is something I can get spiritual benefit from.”

David also added, “I want to change the world and this is my way to actually do it.”

”I can do it one person at a time right on the street or with 100 people at a club, reaching out to individual. I prefer smaller clubs because I can focus on individual, though.
Whatever it is, sometimes, you reach somebody in the audience you would have never had a chance to talk to you, but they are bringing the experience into their lives. That’s one of the biggest privileges of being a musician. It’s like expressing your inner most passion for life and you can empathy for others, because all about is for others.

David calls me brother every time we hang out because he can easily connect to anyone with his big heart. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve meet with him. You’ll feel the same as I do.
Once I asked him how come he is so friendly. He answered, “friendly, but not “fake” friendly.”

“Real stuff makes people laugh and cry. That’s What life is about.”

[Awesome Episode]

I have a lot of episodes with him, but where I always love to see him is at his live show. I’ve seen him playing band music 4 times, at an Artists United event, at 7 Mile House, at a church and at the Terrace Room.

Here are some of the photos of David my friend and I took.

【7 Mile House】


【The Terrace Room】

His style at his live shows is totally different from how he plays music on the street. One obvious reason is because of the numbers of people, David himself or him & his band crew, but what I like about David at his live show is that he totally becomes an entertainer more than a just musician. That’s where you can see another side of David, he’s not just humble and kind person, but also very fun to be with.

[What David Is Doing Now]

David is playing music somewhere in SF and Oakland every time. If you’re lucky, you can meet him on Market St between the 3rd St and the 2nd St in San Francisco on Fridays. He also shows up on stage in 7 Mile House occasionally and somewhere else.

It’s definitely worth finding and meeting David if you have a chance to visit San Francisco or you live around there. It’s impossible not to have a better day than it used to be.

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