Giuliano Silva

     <Where Giuliano is from>

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


      <How I met Giuliano>

 We met at a hostel when we were making pancakes as breakfast in the early morning. We were staying at the same hostel in San Francisco. I still remember our conversation when we met for the first time. He asked me “Where from?” And I said, “I’m from Japan. And you?” So he said, “I, no, speak English.”

     <Who is Giuliano>     

 He is such an awesome guy. One of my friend and I call him “monster.” He is the way beyond the reach of our imagination. If you hesitate to talk to people just because of lack of confidence about your English, look at him. He goes to the Apple store and negotiates with staff members by using just two words “expensive” and “discount.”

 One thing I like about him the most is that he loves to learn. He’s traveling in the U.S. If someone asked you “What are you doing?” in that situation, what would you answer? I think you would say “I’m visiting”, right? He’s not. He always answers, “I’m studying.” They asks him again, “Which school?” He says, “No school. On the street.”
 For him, everyone is his teacher. Any chances he speaks English are his English classes no matter who he talks to and where he chats. He always looks happy when he’s in the middle of conversations and says “You’re my teachers.” I think it’s so great that he never hesitate to learn from anyone regardless of age or gender etc. and never think it’s embarrassing. Someone might be afraid of showing that they don’t know something and it’s understandable. However, he’s not that kind of person. What’s more, he says “Thank you” to anyone with his big smile. “Thank you” is a magical word to make people smile, but his “Thank you” is special.
 Now his English is great. How great? I would say “at least to get hot ladies.”

Oh, of course he’s my great Portuguese teacher! I can’t tell what I’ve learned from him here (because it might be inappropriate, haha), so I’ll show it to you face to face.He has as a big heart as his body is. Who wouldn’t like a person who has a big heart and a big smile? I bet you would love him.

     <Awesome episodes> 

There are A LOT that I want to share about him, but I’ll give you one example that shows how awesome he is.

One day I came back to the hostel we were staying and found him sitting at a lounge alone. He was doing something but I didn’t know what. I came closer to him and noticed he got a new MacBook Air. The awesome part was that he was setting up the laptop at such a noisy lounge among people were having fun by playing games at the hostel at night. Would you do the same thing!? I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. In fact, however, he was doing it. hahaha He cracked me up a lot. It still can’t get out of my head that he seemed very happy to set up the new laptop with big smile without caring about other people around him.

     <What Giuliano is doing now> 

He drove to Las Vegas, got a cheap apartment and has been learning many things every day. I couldn’t do that if I were him, but that’s what he’s doing. What do you think about him?^^

Look forward to seeing you again somewhere all over the world, Garoto louco! from Japão boy

 Muito bom, muito bom!!

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2 thoughts on “Giuliano Silva

  1. Keisuke, I could not have found a better person in my trip to the US. You are a great teacher, friend, very fun, intelligent, great heart, great company !! Thank you for all that was for me. What I will not forget about you is when I asked him, “what is your biggest dream” (This is a question I like to do the interesting people I meet through life) and you replied without hesitating “My biggest dream is to make a better world, to make people happy.” I found it very beautiful on you. make sure you are very competent at it. happy people who have the luck that I had to meet you sometime in their lives. I long to be able to rediscover you many times and I would appreciate you in Brazil. It is an amiable person and transmits confidence. I parmanecerei in Las Vegas, I will buy here a 3D printer and try to build my invert the automatic garage here (which is my biggest dream at the moment). maybe we can join our dreams in the future. big hug and everything nice for you, my friend.

    1. Hi Giuliano! What sweet and beautiful words you gave me!!!!! I can’t believe you’re learning English so fast and wonderfully!!!!!
      You made my day. You impressed me. Meeting you was one of THE BEST things that happened to me in SF.
      I love your dream a lot!! And you’re right! It would be fantastic if we could build our dream together in the future!!!!! I’ll put it on my dream list!!!!!

      When I wrote about you, I remembered a lot of memories with you. You left good impression and beautiful memories to me^^

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