Blanca Jimenez

     <Where Blanca is from>

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

     <How I met Blanca>

We met at a hostel in San Francisco but it was not like the others.

One day, I just came back to my room in the hostel at night. Then, Blanca was already there. I thought I booked a male doom but Blanca was obviously her. She asked me, “Are you sure this is your room?” I answered, “I’m pretty sure” showing my key that the room number is on. It wasn’t actually neither of our fault but the staff’s. They messed up and put us in a same room accidentally. She moved to another room but that is how we met. We chatted a lot in our room for a while after that, anyway, haha.

If that hadn’t happened to us, we might not have become friends. We love to share the story to anyone.

     <Who Blanca is>

I think that she has two of her best features; Being adventurous and impatient.

She loves to meet new people and never hesitate to talk to anyone. The great thing is that she is really good at introducing her friends to you. Do you know why? Because she remembers what you have said to her, like about you, what you want and what your goal is etc. Once what you want and her friends want are connected into her head, BAM!!  People are always laughing with her around her. Whenever I see her, she is always the center of her group. It doesn’t mean she is the leader, but Blanca is like the sun for everyone.

What I meant that she is impatient is, of course, in a good way. She is a quick decision maker. I think that she hates to waste her time. You might say that it is one her personalities but as I see her, it makes her decision making quick that she understands herself very well. She knows what she wants, what she needs and what she is doing for them. I will describe her like as if she were doing jigsaw puzzle in her life. She were traveling to find pieces she wants and looking for the certain pieces. It sounds very simple but not easy to do it. That is the point I respect her.

     <Awesome Episodes>

Two of episodes I will share would describe her more.

One of my friends asked me to contact to his friend one day. He was looking for someone who could live in his apartment temporary while he was gone. I didn’t take the apartment but I introduced him to Blanca. She was so happy to have her own place, even though it was just temporary. I met the guy with Blanca and he left after giving keys to her. When we left the room, she locked the door from inside first, then closed the door.  Actually the door has two locks but one of them can’t be unlocked by keys we had. She locked that one we couldn’t unlock. While we locked ourselves out and I was figuring out how we could solve the problem by calling the guy, she was keep asking me the same thing again and again, even though I answered it with “Don’t worry. We’ll be fine” many times. Apparently, she was freaking out. That was a funny situation for me. I needed to unlock the door and to lock her mouth at the same time. She said to me, “Thank you for making me calm down” after our mission completed.

The other episode is when she introduced me to her friend at a MeetUp event.
Do you know what MeetUp is?

Meetup is a website for people who like to make new friends. You should try it.

Anyway, she really loves meetup and she often attended to meetup events, then made many new friends there. One day, since she came back from a meetup event, she kept saying to me, “I met a Spanish guy and he LOVES Japanese culture. I need to introduce him to you.” She said that to me day by day so I went to the same event with her. Now the guy and I are great friends. I hope I could introduce him to you on this blog one day. I can make friends with anybody but he is very unique and I might not have met him if Blanca had not been there. That is the way she is!


     <What Blanca is doing now>

She went back to Barcelona and is looking for her new path. Her backpacking ended in San Francisco this time, but she will keep looking for the rest of the pieces to complete her life jigsaw puzzle. Ask her where she is sometimes. I am sure that she will be somewhere outside of Spain soon.

I look forward to seeing you again, Blanca! Maybe in San Francisco again? Or somewhere all over the world! Gracias, amigo!!

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