Youngran Kwon (Emily)

     <Where Emily is from>

Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


     <How I met Emily>

We used to be classmates at a language school that is called Rennert International in New York. The teacher who owned the class was great but also famous because she gave us a lot of hard work. Both of us still can’t believe we survived in that class, hahaha.
Terence was also a surviver as one of our classmates.

However, we met again in San Francisco. It was a completely coincidence! She posted a photo of Lombard Street and I saw it when I was in San Francisco then. I might have missed the photo, but anyway, it told me she was in San Francisco. It is always great to see my friends again but surprises or coincidences always makes me happier.


     <Who Emily is>

I have many Korean friends but I can say that she stands out in them. I mean she is unique for me.

First of all, her voice sounds cute. You would recognize where she is wherever she is because of her voice. If I describe her as colors, I would definitely choose “yellow.” When you meet her, I think you will know what I mean.

Have you met people like water? She is the one. It is hard to explain what it is, but I am so comfortable when I am with her. It is true that it is fun to talk to her, but it is because she is good at listening to others’ stories. She never interrupt you while you are talking and her reactions makes your conversations more fun.

“Acceptance” is very important to have good relationships with others and it is one of the essence she has. When you give her a piece of advice, she would absolutely take it. She is willing to accept it. She will never turn to be stubborn but be always open-minded.

I think she hates to offend someone. I mean, she has hit or punched me many times when I said something wrong or inappropriate, so I would not say she is not violent (oops), but she has a very sweet heart.


     <Awesome Episodes>

You will find out how sweet Emily is and strong.

I have visited Seoul in Korea and I invited my friends to have a reunion drinking event at a bar that time. She was very very busy for job hunting and her schedule was very tight that day (if she was not lying. kkk) In addition, where she lived was not close to the bar. However, she came to just see me. I thought how sweet she is that time………..until she made new friends there. I had not seen my friends who came to see me for a long time, so I was busy catching up to each of them. There were my friends but it didn’t mean they know each other. Emily didn’t know about almost all of them but once she made friends with them, she didn’t care about me at all. See? She is very sweet, right?
She was with her mom in San Francisco and she cared about her mom all the time not to leave her alone. Whew, it must be enough to show you her sweet heart.

I think all women are strong, but Emily showed me the strength in New York.

One day, we needed to discuss our future careers at the class at Rennert. Some students already had their backgrounds and the others did not. Emily was the latter one.

Before we started, she burst into crying because she freaked out. She could not figure out what she is going to do in the future. It was absolutely a natural reaction and completely understandable at least for me because I was stuck in my life that time too. Also I guessed she was crazily serious about the topic. Her tear was the proof. How could you be so serious for something? I think she was stuck between “I want to run away from this issue right now” and “I need to face with this!” A few minutes after she calmed herself, we started the discussion. You know what? She was the best presenter and did the best job that day. I am not saying this as a flattery. I am saying this because that was the truth. She overcame the obstacle for just a few minutes.  You might say “it was just a class, not a real situation.” So what? How could you face with any difficulties in real situations without taking any moments seriously? Emily really impressed me a lot that time. It actually still stays in my head and teaches me the important thing.


     <What Emily is doing now>

Emily came back to Korea and is expanding her friendship with her great feature like I mentioned here in new circumstances. She is very sociable so she will be like a yellow sunflower. Who will be her sun to face to? kkk

I look forward to seeing you again, Emily! Maybe in Korea, Japan or even somewhere all over the world!

Remember; Show must go on!

By the way, we must really love Starbucks. kkk



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