Felipe Martim



     <Where Felipe is from>

Santa Bárbara d’Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil


     <How I met Felipe>

We met at a lounge at a hostel. One of my Brazilian friend who used to stay at the same hostel returned to the hostel to say hi to me, then the friend and Felipe became friends first. The friend introduced him to me. It was the beginning of our great friendship!

Three of us went to a bar that looked like a club that night and I still remember when we found four people, who were two guys and two ladies, were dancing weirdly like a waving sandwich, I saw you were staring at them questioningly and your face expression was saying, “What the hell is going on here”, haha.


     <Who Felipe is>

Felipe is such a nice and fun guy. Yeah, he is my friend but also became my brother.

It was a coincidence but we became roomies too, haha. We had so much fun talking a lot, I mean A LOT, and laugh a lot, I mean A LOT, in our room and that was one of the best times in San Francisco for me. You know why? Because he is so funny. What’s more, funny things themselves also came to us, so we often could not stop laughing in our room. Our room was sometimes even Karaoke room for us.

Felipe is also smart. We played pool a few times at the hostel. I have played it only a several times so I am not good at shooting pool. If you were not good at it, you would just focus on shooting pool. Although, Felipe was really good. He was good, so he could also make a strategy during the game. He read the next situation, the next next situation…he taught me how to build strategies for pool. He is a great teacher for me!

We often hung out together in San Francisco and I saw he is a very passionate and warm hearted man. Whenever he saw someone did something good to other people, he gave them compliments. One of Felipe’s close friends often skyped Felipe and I saw they were chatting many times. They were in different countries but still kept in touch and laughing through the screen of their laptops. It was very sweet. Felipe introduced him to me, so actually we are friends now!

He is really good at making friends, because, I think, he is very sociable and a fun guy. He invited me to his farewell at a bar and I met many friends of him there. It shows you how others think about him, right?



     <Awesome Episodes>

Well, I have lots to share with you.

I got two pairs of sunglasses for free somehow and remembered that Felipe needed sunglasses. I know that they were not what he wanted but anything is better than nothing, right? So I gave the sunglasses to him. He was so happy for that and give me a hug. That was not the only thing he gave me, actually. He also gave me a pair of sandals. You know what? That was what I really wanted that time. You don’t know how convenient it is at especially hostel. See how we look. Is it cool?

2015-04-21 07.19.18DSCF2318

One day, Felipe came into our room while I was there, and he started talking to him how his day was. Then, he asked me showing his phone, “By the way, do you know what this guy is doing?” I thought that he found something funny again. The screen of his phone showed a guy was lying down. “Who?” He said, “It’s you!”

He continued, “It was last night. I thought you were just joking so I called you a few times, but you were not! How could you sleep like this!?!?!?” I had no idea, haha. See? That is the way he teases me. Of course, the photo he took and his story made me laugh a lot! However, I wanted to do something to him as revenge. And the time came much sooner than I thought. It was exactly “Ask, and it shall be given you.”

 Look what I found the next morning! My mission completed only one day later, hahahahaha

2015-04-24 21.30.34  11179703_826212144140125_625099528_o

I think we can call it even. Obviously, I created a pyramid and apparently, he looked like a mummy. We might have gone on a trip to Egypt for a moment.

One of our roommates looked Chinese. He was so quiet and left in the early morning every day. I had not talked to him. I even had never heard anything from him. Felipe said that the guy answered only “Ahhhhh…” when Felipe said to him “Good night.” So Felipe and I guessed he does not speak English.

One day when I entered my room, Felipe told me that the guy was actually American! I was surprised and asked him if he is American, so he answered, “I’m American. I was born here. I’m a student.” That was the last time we talked to the guy, though…

It was a good lesson for us; people cannot be judged by how they look.

The last one.

I do not remember why but Felipe and I discussed Pokemon. It was very interesting that we found out some, actually almost all the names of each Pokemon are different between Japanese and English.

Ex) (*Eng → Jp)
Snorlax → Kabigon
Bulbasaur → Fushigidane
Onix → Iwark

Anyway, they are either of our favorite Pokemons.
Felipe chose “Charizard (Lizardon)” and I chose “Nidoking (Nidoking).”
img_1013476_21735236_027153252 2

What is your favorite Pokemon?


     <What Felipe is doing now>

He went back to Brazil and back to his real life, missing San Francisco a lot, haha.

He sent me a few pictures on Mother’s Day. They showed that his mother cooked feijoada. He knew I love feijoada and I was sure that he wanted to make me jealous.

I look forward to seeing you, hanging out and laughing with you again, Felipe! Maybe in Brazil, Japan or even somewhere all over the world!

Serve me real feijoada and make caipirinha like you did to me in San Francisco when I visit Brazil!

Sugar, yes please!! But hyena? No, thank you.



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