Kiarash Motamedi (Kia)

     <Where Kia is from>

Tehran, Tehran, Persia (Iran)


     <How I met Kia>

I had no place to stay one day when I was in San Francisco a year ago, so I asked one of my friends who lives in San Francisco. He could not have me stay that day but introduced me to his friend. That was Kia. Before that, I had not talked to Kia and also he did not know me, of course, but he was willing to accept me. That was how we met. It sounds a little bit crazy but also great, does it?


     <Who Kia is>

Kia is “Two Face”, which is both a soft part and a hard part.

When you chat with Kia, he is a good listener with smiling. You must be very comfortable and willing to talk to him more and more. In addition, he is a good joke maker too, so you would not miss any chances to laugh during conversations. This is Kia’s soft part.

On the other hand, when you want him to consult you, once you ask him to give you some pieces of advice, he will be serious, be cordial, listen to your stories, and show you the definite and accurate path with sharp eyes as if he knew what you should do in advance. That Kia looks very very cool, actually. That is Kia’s hard part.

There are many words to describe Kia, like sociable, kind, funny etc. However, Kia is the one who has something profound inside. There is an expression “the tip of the iceberg” but as for Kia, it is “the tip of Kia”, that you never know everything about Kia at a glimpse. You chew him, you taste him little by little.


     <Awesome Episodes>

When Kia had me to stay at his place after we met, we played football catch and Frisbee outside. It made us hungry (I am actually always hungry, though, haha) so he served me a bag of frozen chicken that night, saying “if you could thaw them and cook.” His stomach was not as big as mine so eventually I ate two thirds of that chicken. Well, could you give two thirds of chicken in the fridge to someone who you met for the first time!? Yeah, he saved my life.

As my last day in San Francisco this time (however, it was not my last day because I extended later), I ran into Kia on the street. It was totally by accident but also great. Kia, another friend of us and I hung out that night and we had very fun and a little bit inappropriate conversations, haha.


     <What Kia is doing now>

Kia lives in San Francisco. He is working on his own things but also helps his friends in any ways with his warm heart as usual.

I look forward to seeing you, Kia! I am sure we will hang out in San Francisco again.

Maybe we should discuss BizarreJapanese inventions again next time!!



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