Santiago Federico

      <Where Santiago is from>

Buenos Aires, Argentina


      <How I met Santiago>

I met Santiago at a flea market in San Francisco. Sellers there usually do not like that visitors take photos, but only Santiago was willing to let me do it. It was impressive so I promised that I would come back to buy one later. That was how I met Santiago.

Santiago is the one who is made of warm-heartedness. I feel as if I were covered by comfortable cotton whenever I talk to him.

The flea market takes place every week and whenever I went there, I could not help stopping to stare at what Santiago creates. Of course there were other wonderful things at the flea market, but like I said, sellers at the flea market usually never allow to take pictures of their products, but Santiago does. In addition, I love the way he talks. “No problem, sir” “Sure, my friend” “It’s my pleasure, my friend.” He always finishes his sentences with “sir” or “my friend.” Especially I love “my friend” part. The word makes our mental distance very close. It might natural and not special for native English speakers, but for me, it was beautiful.

As I mentioned, you can see many beautiful stuff at the flea market. However, Santiago’s creations were the most beautiful for me, because they were also made of his warm-heartedness and kindness.


     <The Photo Gallery>

Here is what Santiago creates!

Each of them is made of just one wire. He said that it takes one day to create one of them.

Art will tell you more than words. Feel his passion, awesomeness, warm-heartedness!! You will figure out how fantastic Santiago is!! Enjoy!!










     <What Santiago is doing now>

He keep creating beautiful bikes and motorcycles in San Francisco. They will take people anywhere with his passion.

Santiago, I look forward to seeing you, Sir! I am so happy to introduce you and your creations to my friends! I never forget how I met you and your bikes!!

Gracias, Amigo, my friend!! ^^




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One thought on “Santiago Federico

  1. Hey Keisuke! I think the description of yourself is wonderful, and actually I keep amazing myself because I think we have common mindsets 🙂 I know in my life I have one ultimate goal and that is as well to make the world a better place, don’t know how I’ll do that though haha. But I just want to congratulate you on your wonderful spirit! I actually noticed Santiago’s bicycles yesterday when I was walking to the bart and I stopped to observe them, I think your blog is reaaally nice, keep on with the work! I’d like to invite you to check one mine 🙂 although is not as developed 😛 It’s called Petrichor, I don’t know how to share you the link here but if you go in my fb you’ll find a post of it 🙂

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