JJ DelSerra

     <Where JJ is from>

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States


     <How I met JJ>

I think this story is the highlight of us, haha.
On my way to my language school in New York by subway, I found a guy in the same train. He seemed to study Japanese because I saw that his iPhone screen showed Japanese quiz or something and that he was playing it with a questioning look at it.

I was very eager to learn English and felt like doing anything for improving my English that time. Plus, I wanted to make friends with local people in New York so I could not help talking to him.

Like I said, I was on my way to school from Brooklyn and was going to go to Grand Central Station, but he suddenly got off at Brooklyn Bridge Station. There was no pause at all and I got off there too. Yeah attendance might have been important for me. However, talking to him was much more important for me that time.

Apparently, the guy was JJ. I stopped him at Brooklyn Bridge Station and said, “You’re studying Japanese, right? I came here to study English. Let’s do language exchange!” He accepted my offer and we exchanged our e-mail addresses, then we met up another day later. This is how we met and became friends.

People usually tell me that I am crazy, but in my opinion, JJ was the crazy guy. I just acted as I followed my instinct and my desire, but he was the one who accepted me. He could have refused it or even ignored but he said, “Sure!” Well, I am so glad that he did not.

I was so lucky for sure! Although, if you are moaning that you do not have many friends or do not know how to make friends, maybe you have not done or try everything yet. Tens of thousands of chances and opportunities are waiting for you!


     <Who JJ is>

JJ is very smart and knowledgeable. When you asked him some questions, he would not only answer the questions but also give you the details and sometimes even backgrounds. He is a walking wikipedia for me.

I think that JJ is a leader type of person. He is good at making plans, time management and knows how to instruct others what to do correctly. When JJ talks, people listens to what he says. When he makes jokes, they works ALMOST all the time. Everyone turns their eyes on JJ when he says something, which people are around JJ. I am telling you because those are what I actually saw when I was with him.

Considering the above, JJ is a good story teller. Sentences he makes are well organized and well ordered so it is easy to get what he means.
You would enjoy having conversations with him. I guarantee that.

I think that is related to this; JJ’s Japanese is pretty good!
When I got an email from him, I was surprised how natural his Japanese was. In addition, his accent sounds quite natural either. Yeah, he is a multi-tasker. 75% right brain, 25% left brain. Right, JJ?


     <Awesome Episodes>

I do not have more interesting episodes with JJ than the story about how we met, obviously, haha. But I will tell you two episodes here.

If you have been to New York City, you also have been to Staten Island, I guess. So, have you spend a whole day there? Well, I have because JJ used to live in Staten Island.

JJ invited me for homebrewing party one day. The other friends of him were there and it was so much fun talking, eating, drinking, playing games etc.
Above all, it was my first time seeing homebrewing. It was a great experience for me.
Well, again, it was in Staten Island and I was the only guy who needed to go back to Manhattan by bus, so I needed to leave before tasting the beer…but the process was very interesting. JJ let me know it tasted so good later. It was so nice of him.

The other episode is about Super Bowl.
JJ and I went to a bar ‘Mulholland’s‘ to watch Super Bowl XLVII in 2013 with the other friends of his and mine. We had a great time, but this is not what I want to share. What I want to tell you about is the next year.

I was already back to Japan from New York that time and JJ texted me. It said that he had watched Super Bowl XLVIII at the same bar! He went to Mulholland’s again for the Super Bowl and let me know that because he said that it had reminded him of me! How nice of him it was!! The Super Bowl match was not so nice as he was, actually the worst, but it does not matter. His text moved me a lot.



     <What JJ is doing now>

JJ was in Japan for his personal trip with his dad and friends for about two weeks, but he is back to New York already.

His dad told me that Osaka was not on their list first, but they came to Osaka only because JJ wanted to see another friend of him and me! I could not imagine this would happened when I saw JJ on a subway in New York for the first time before knowing him at all. It is amazing.

I look forward to seeing and hanging out with you, JJ! Maybe in the US, Japan or even somewhere all over the world!!

We should go to Karaoke again and let me listen to “I want it that way” you sing!




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