Térence Spagnolo

     <Where Térence is from>

Geneva, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland


     <How I met Térence>

Terence was one of my classmates at Rennert International when I studied English in New York.

Terence got so popular in our class so quickly. Why? You’ll figure it out soon, so don’t rush.
Emily also knows Terence because we were in the same class as well.

Anyway, this is how I met Terence.


     <Who Térence is>

Terence is a creative person and such an entertainer.

I am pretty sure that Terence is seeing the world differently from ours.
Look at some of works he created.

Now even you can tell how creative he is, right?

One thing I love about Terence’s works is that he owns the places by his photos and videos. Wherever Terence goes, there he is!
Inside of him must be filled with magical energy, and once it comes out, it never stops going off as if a fountain.

Terence is always enjoying his life being active. It proves that he smiles every time everywhere. But also his challenging spirit makes his life more enjoyable and fun!!

He mentioned ‘comfort zone’ I usually use the word as well, so I understood what he meant when he told me that he is willing to get out of his comfort zone.
Terence is a strong guy as well.

I have seen that people are around Terence. Yes, he is popular. One of the reasons is because he cares about his friends so much.
It has been three years since we saw each other in New York last time, but he remembered that I am in San Francisco now and let me know he was coming to San Francisco.

Again, he is a creative entertainer. I will describe this part at the next corner with some episodes, then.


     <Awesome Episodes>

This episode is the one that even Terence himself might not remember.

While we were taking a business English class at Rennert International, one of our classmates teased Terence. I do not remember what the guy said exactly, but Terence almost said, “son of a bitch.” Our teacher couldn’t let the words fall out, of course, and glared at Terence when “son of…” came out from his mouth, so he continued “…your mother.”
“Son of your mother”…nothing wrong, right? We all burst into laughter as you imagine!
At the same time, I was so impressed by his such quick thinking. I was wondering how his brain works.

The next episode is short but describes Terence well.

He got cool sunglasses while we were in New York. The thing is that New Yorkers loved it as well.
New York is such a unique city. No one cares no matter how crazy your fashion looks. However, even the New Yorkers gave him compliments when he walked on the street, like ” I love your glasses” and ” nice glasses.”
Believe me; that is absolutely rare to be unique like that especially in New York.
Terence is the one that even New York admires.


The last episode is about what Terence and I created together.

I think it was the last presentation for Terence in New York, but Terence and I came up with a business idea and presented to our class. The idea was a photo/video edit application. It sounds like Terence’s idea, doesn’t it?
Before the presentation, we discussed, came up with the idea and practiced many times.
We put a lot of energy to practice how to deliver our idea to our class with body language, choice of words and various tone.

Yeah, it was a great presentation.


At the end of the presentation, one of our classmates liked our idea and invested $1 to us.

Here is the proof that we said “deal!”



     <What Térence is doing now>

Terence has been back to Switzerland, but he will come back to the U.S. pretty soon. He is coming back to New York for his dream.

While I was listening to his story, I felt that he is heading to what he wants in his life with courage, and with many friends of his.

I am not only his friend but also one of his fans and supporters.
It was wonderful seeing you, hanging out with you and laughing with you, Terence! I am such a big fan of your photo & video works. Keep me posted your creative works and keep entertaining me.
I am pretty sure that we can see each other in the U.S. again soon. I look forward to it!

Cheers for your dream, Terence!!



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