Tim Knook

     <Where Tim is from>

Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands


     <How I met Tim>

Amogh, one of my roommates, kept telling me that his best friend was visiting San Francisco, so I was looking forward to meeting him. One day, I invited Amogh to a party event that I was going to, so he came to the party with his best friend. The best friend was Christo. Christo was also with his best friend, Tim. This is how I met Tim.

I still remember the day I met Tim and talked to him. We shared what we do, our background, and so on. It was a great talk. I felt that Tim is very kind and I was so comfortable talking to Tim because of his soft smile.
Tim told me that my accent is not like the one that other Japanese people have when they speak English. The compliment made me happy. I am still learning and struggling with English but I was so glad to hear that.


     <Who Tim is>

Tim is like a ‘Balloon.’

Imagine when you blow balloons. When you blow balloons a little, the balloons are expanded a little. When you inhale and blow balloons so much, the balloon’s expansion is so big.
When you have a small talk to Tim, he responses with appropriate and funny phrase. When you discuss huge and complicated subjects, for example, politics, the world affair and business, you will be surprised how much knowledge Tim has about any subjects and how intelligent he is.

What’s more, Tim is not like just balloon. You had better try to blow the balloon as much as you can. Guess what would happen. You can hop on the balloon, so the balloon takes you to the places you have never seen or imagine!!

boy blowing up a big green balloon



You will know what I mean when you talk to Tim. Tim will give you so many things you have never heard and he will blow your mind, even you blow the balloon ‘Tim’ first.

The knowledge database Tim possesses is bottomless. You can imagine how big balloons need to be to ride on. Tim took me a bunch of places I have never seen, which means Tim gave me a lot of information I have never heard of. However, I do not think I have blown the balloon enough yet. I expect that Tim will take me farther next time I see him again.

One more thing that I would like to tell you about Tim’s eyes.
When you talk to Tim, his eye contact is very strong as if the eyes grab and hold you. The eyes never scares you but the eye contact itself is soft, but what I meant is that he never looks away during the conversation.
Tim is a very good listener. He listens to what others say seriously. Not only that, he is curious and interested about others and the stories so he asks you questions to try to know you more.
That is what he did to me. I enjoyed having conversations with Tim so much. You will love talking to him as well.


     <Awesome Episodes>

※ We mostly hang out with Tim and Christo together, so I will separate the whole episodes with Christo’s article. Please visit Christo’s page as well and combine our whole episodes.

One day, Tim, Christo and I had brunch at Chipotle. I usually order a burrito there, but Tim gave me a great piece of tip. If you order a burrito bowl instead of just a burrito, you can actually get more and maximize your meat intake. It was before going to a big party for our New Year’s Eve, so we needed to eat a lot to prepare for drink. Oh yeah, we actually ate A LOT!
(※About the party here)

We talked about our favorite movies, TV shows and books. We had a nice talk there.

Tim knows about wine very well.
One day, we had dinner with other friends at Alioto’s. When we ordered a bottle of wine, Tim taught us how to taste wine. The first thing to do is to see the color, then smell the wine. You can also check the quality of wine by turning the glass and seeing rings of wine inside of the glass. The speed of wine drop from the rings indicates the quality of wine, according to Tim. The slower the drop is down, the richer the quality is. When you taste wine, you do not swallow it soon but it has to stay in your mouth for a while. Tim said that you need to use every sense you have when you taste wine.

The great thing was that we decided to go to Napa Valley next day. The one day trip was such a beautiful wolfpack. We tried everything we had learned from Tim. It is impossible to be a wine professional just for one day, but it was a very interesting experience. Tim made our wine tasting more than wonderful! It taught me that what matters is who you go with, not just where you go.

DSCF2698 DSCF2700

DSCF2702 DSCF2706


DSCF2713 DSCF2716

DSCF2741 DSCF2743



DSCF2819 DSCF2817

DSCF2868 DSCF2888



The next day of Napa trip, Tim and I had breakfast together after returning a car to a rent-a-car place. We had a nice conversation and he showed me many photos; his family, his beautiful dog Tommy and his history. Each smile of him on each photo looked like enjoying his life.

At last, let me introduce you to a song that Tim shared with me.
I have to say this; This music video is insane!! This is not only listening but also watching! You had better watch this music video! Amogh and I have watched this music video every morning since Tim told us about the music.
Check it out!!


<What I would like to convey to you>

I have to say that I miss Tim so much now.
The two weeks I spend with Tim was epic and next level. It was as if spark was exploded in my head first, but I would definitely say that it was not just spark but as if I were hit by lightning.
Tim inspired me a lot in many ways and I learned so many from him.  I have never met someone sophisticated and great like Tim in my life. I did not see this coming before I met him, but I really want to be a great person like Tim now.
What I want to tell you here is that you should get out of your country and meet people all over the world as soon as you can, so you will expand your potential ability. I do not think I could meet someone like Tim in Japan. You still have so many thing you have never seen and so many people you have never met. Get out of your country and let the world surprise you as soon as possible.


     <What Tim is doing now>

Tim is on a flight now to go back to his real life.
Time flies…I am facing with what it means now.

Every moment I shared with Tim is unforgettable and epic.
It was a great surprise that happened to me through the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.

2015-12-30 14.41.16


Thank you soooo much for everything, Tim! This year 2016 starting with you must be an epic year! I will never forget the wonderful time we spent together here!

I am not going to say good-bye. I look forward to seeing you, hanging out with you, discuss, and laughing with you, Tim!! I cannot guess where we will meet next time, so let’s say at somewhere all over the world!!!




2015-12-30 00.02.51

2015-12-30 00.02.32


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