Bonnie Wong (黃 敏明)

     <Where Bonnie is from>

San Francisco, California, United States


     <How I met Bonnie>

Blanca once invited me to go to a meetup event once, then I met Bonnie there. I still remember the moment.

I was chatting with a Japanese guy I just met that time, then suddenly, Bonnie came to us from behind of me from nowhere as if she were a high speed missile. I was seriously so glad that she was not an actual missile, hahaha. Anyway, she just came to say hi to the guy because he and Bonnie already knew each other. We met because of him and it was the beginning of this not only weird but also so much fun friendship.


     <Who Bonnie is>

First of all, Bonnie is a language genius. English is her native language and she speaks Chinese because her parents are Chinese. It is fair so far, right? But she can also speak Korean and Japanese. I have not seen that she writes or reads those languages so I do not know about those skills, but it does not matter. For your information, she has never been to Japan.

What I want to mention the most is her fluency.  She speak each of the languages very fluently. The speed she speaks never changes no matter which language she speaks. Fluency might not the highest priority for having conversations but fluency can boost the conversations up and make the conversations more fun. What’s more, she can switch languages she speaks immediately during the conversations. If people who are from different countries were around her, she would talk to each of them by several languages without changing her fluency.

Imagine that she were a baseball pitcher. She is as if she pitched fastballs, curveballs, sliders, split-finger fastballs etc. and each of them she threw were 100 mph-pitch. How could you hit it? How could you stop Bonnie?

I would describe Bonnie as a magnet. She attracts others so people are around her every time, EVERY TIME I see her. In addition, she can find you no matter how many people are around her, despite of their block of her sight. Imagine that you were steel. Bonnie were a magnet, so it would be natural that she attracted you. However, Bonnie herself would also come to you. Even if she were just standing, she would attract you, but she would come to you! How could you run away from her!?…I am kidding, haha.

I might be exaggerating, but it is definitely true that she loves people, and also everybody likes Bonnie. I am one of them. I have never gotten bored and it has been always so much fun whenever I am with Bonnie and talk with her.

I think Bonnie gets nervous or she does not know how to react when someone takes her photos, I can tell because I am the same kind of person. It means that you cannot tell who Bonnie really is until you actually meet her, so I highly recommend you for meeting her!

Oh, I forgot to mention her name. Her Chinese name sounds like a man, not a woman for Chinese and Japanese. She names herself the name to introduce herself to you for the first time if you know Chinese or Japanese, and she enjoys their questioning reaction. So far from hesitating to tell about her manly-sound name, she gives positive first impressions by the name with laugh^^


     <Awesome Episodes>

I will tell you that Bonnie is very kind and likes to take care of others.

It was a lucky coincidence that I met Bonnie, actually. I was interested in a business school that time and she is a student at the school! I asked her to introduce me to other students at the school. The program I was interested in and her program were different but she called her friends and asked them if they know someone who was taking the program, then she introduced me to the student later, even thought even Bonnie did not know the students.

She also remembered when I was going to leave San Francisco, so she texted me to say good-bye. I actually extended my stay and it pissed her off a lot, haha, but I thought she cares about others well.
She took me to a bar and dinner one day before I left San Francisco, and she called her friends and they came. It made the time more fun! See? Bonnie is a magnet.

One day, Bonnie took me to her favorite juice store and bought me a juice. When she got the juices, a staff member messed up a little. She did not mind it at all and just said, “Take your time” with a smile. She also chatted with the staff laughing. When I said to her, “It was nice of you to behave like that”, so she replied, “I know how people feel when they are in trouble. I feel like helping them” with a big smile. The words she told me still stay in my head.

I know I should not share the last episode after such a beautiful story, but I will move on.
I love to make jokes. Sometimes too much and inappropriate, but anyway, usually the jokes cracks her up. However, she laughs for a while, then her face turns serious and always says, “It’s not funny.” My jokes always works! ALWAYS works! But she never admit it! She cracks up and says, “It’s not funny.” I admit that our style makes our conversations fun, though, hahaha.


     <What Bonnie is doing now>

Bonnie is in San Francisco and keeps drawing people, enjoying meeting new people and talking with them. I am pretty sure that she also cares about her friends and help them as usual.

I look forward to seeing you, Bonnie-chan! It is highly possible in San Francisco again?

I’m working on making good jokes for the next time. So-desune—–!!




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