Ziteng Li (李 紫腾)

     <Where Zi is from>

Tianjin, Tianjin Region, China


     <How I met Zi>

The same friend who introduced me to Kia took me to Zi’s place to have tea. That was how I met Zi. Well, we visited Zi’s place the next day too so we met two days in a row. Three of us had dinner too.


     <Who Zi is>

“No problem” This is what Zi often says. “Could you have me stay at your place tonight?” “No problem.” That is how he accepted me. “No problem” “Sure” “Don’t worry” “I don’t mind” etc. Zi is definitely the most easygoing person I have ever met.
Actually Zi is the most relaxing guy I have every met too, like I would ask him, “When on earth was the last time you got nervous? Well…have you?”

Zi could chat with anyone as if they have known each other for a while even if they met for the first time. How could I be sure about that? Because that was what I saw.

The other thing I should mention Zi is that he is such a quick joke maker. I think he is very smart so his brain works hard so quickly. When you talk to him, he can make jokes, not just jokes but funny jokes that work every time, as his response without any pauses during the conversations. Remember, English is not his native language. You know how great it is to make funny jokes quickly by your second language. Personally, I am a big fan of his jokes!

I have got to say that Zi is always smiling. Maybe it is natural for him but that is a very good one. Jokes, smiling…now you can tell how good he is at making people smile.


     <Awesome Episodes>

This episode is exactly like how I met Kia. The same friend who introduced me to Kia contacted to Zi and he had me stay at his place, saying “No problem”, when I was looking for a place to stay for just one day. The only difference was that I met Zi this year. Yeah…now it must sound I am cheap…but I do not deny it. haha

Anyway, I had already met Zi before he accepted me to let me stay, so it meant that he did not think that I am not strange…maybe? haha

We watched a boxing match Mayweather vs Pacquiao at Zi’s place that night. I am not a big fan of boxing so I could not tell which fighter was doing better during the match. I mean I do not even know exactly what makes fighters good or bad, so I hesitated to outline the match. However, he summed it up by just one word ‘boring.’

Although this might offend someone who really love boxing, in his defense, he respected both fighters and he knows about boxing better than I do. Plus, he expected more as one of the boxing fans. I do not judge him if he was right or wrong. I just thought that it was cool that he summed the match up by just a word.

Even though I was going to stay at Zi’s place for a day, eventually he allowed me to stay one more day because we went to a theater to watch Avengers 2 at night next day. It was so much better than the first one for me, but this should not be a topic I talk about here… After the movie, Zi and I stayed up a little late that night talking about the movie, Avengers, other Marvel comics etc. That was fun.


     <What Zi is doing now>

Zi is working on his own thing. Now he has Kia to make it better. I want to see what is growing between them. Please take a look if you are interested in it.

I look forward to seeing you, Zi! Maybe San Francisco again? Even if we cannot, I am pretty sure we can hang out somewhere all over the world again!!

I can’t wait to play another game you created!! Will I need to learn how to play it first? No problem!



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