Joshua Haskins

     <Where Josh is from>

Watertown, New York, USA


     <How I met Josh>

When I was a student at a language school in New York, the school provided an 3 days volunteer program at an organization. I took the chance and joined the program. The place I was sent was the one where Josh worked. I still remember that he helped me a lot, I mean, A LOT!

After I finished the 3 days program, Josh gave me his Email address. That was the beginning of our friendship.


     <Who Josh is>

Josh is definitely a sweet guy, but just ‘sweet’ is not enough to describe who he really is.

One thing I cannot skip about Josh is that Josh has such a huge heart. He is not indecisive. He is definitely not weak. He can just put himself to secondary. I guess he loves to see someone is smiling. In other words, it makes him happy when he makes someone happy. I mean, he is always smiling, so at least he makes me happy whenever I see him.

‘Acceptance’ might be an appropriate word to explain what makes Josh sweet.

When I worked at the organization as a volunteer, every staff member was very kind to me, but Josh was the only person who actually talked to me, cared about me and took care of me so nicely for 3 days. I was so comfortable asking questions to him when I had something I did not understand while I was working there.

As you can easily guess, my English was not easy to understand because I was learning how to communicate with others in English. Josh could have taken a distance from me, but he did not. He accepted who I am and was willing to chat with me.

Then, Josh gave me his Email address when I finished my volunteer program there as my last day. I was going to ask him his contact, but when I got the piece of paper that was his Email address on, I realized that Josh did not accept me not only as a volunteer but also a friend of him.

Yes, I can still remember how I felt that moment.

Josh is so funny as well.  He is really good at making people laugh in his group and at entertaining others.

Oh, speaking of entertainment, Josh is such a nice singer and dancer! I love hanging out with him at a Karaoke bar. That became our favorite place and thing to do when we hang out.

Let’s talk about Karaoke more later.


     <Awesome Episodes>

Why did Karaoke become our favorite? Because that is where we hung out for the first time.

I emailed Josh after my volunteer program was finished, so he replied to me and invited me to a Karaoke bar, which is called BOHO. There were Josh, his girlfriend and his friends at the bar. Shadie was there as well. That is where I made friends with Shadie.


My first song I chose was ‘Separate Ways (Journey).’ It was my first time to sing a song at a bar in front of people I do not know, but Josh helped me and we eventually sung the song so passionately! Yes, we sang ‘Separate Ways’ together and I am writing about a song from Journey on my blog ‘Enjoy Voyage.’

That was just the beginning. We ended up singing many songs that day, and we hung out at the bar several times while I was in New York.

I have many memories with Josh; Karaoke, SantaCon 2012, housewarming party, Japan Day @Central Park, Saint Patric’s Day etc.

45490_10151393622464533_1123401851_n  DSC02073 DSC02402 DSC02320 1554453_10152499188129533_1880684558792356346_n

I went to his birthday party and he came to my birthday party as well.

Although, I would like to choose the story as the other episode when Josh came to San Francisco a few weeks ago.

Josh came to San Francisco to visit Shadie but he let me know it, so I joined them.
We caught up with each other, chatted and talked about how our lives are going, what we did together and so on.
Josh and Shadie took me to a nice bar Smokestack before Josh left San Francisco. Even though it was before I went to school, I drunk and talked to them with my Asian flash (red blush when I drink).


It made me so happy not just what I did with Josh but the fact that I still hang out with him. It started from an Email address and now Josh and I saw at a place where is not New York. That is amazing!!

Oh yes, Josh is amazing!


     <What Josh is doing now>

He went back to New York. I usually do not want to mention my guest’s relationship on this blog, but since I know his girlfriend well and she is going to kill me if I ignore her (lol), so I will mention her. He and his girlfriend Sachi live together. What’s more, they got a new family Clementine, a dog! I have not met her so I am looking forward to play with her next time I see Josh and Sachi.


It was great, no, wonderful seeing you and hanging out with you, Josh!! I look forward to the next chance, maybe in New York again or somewhere all over the world!!


Say hello to Sachi and Clementine! I cannot wait for the next Karaoke!!



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