Shadie Andraos

     <Where Shadie is from>

Cleveland, Ohio, USA


     <How I met Shadie>

My friend Josh invited me to a Karaoke bar BOHO when I was in New York, so I went there. Shadie was there as one of his friends.


I still remember that time. Shadie looked so cool so I felt like making friends with him. I came to chat with him and it went well. I asked him his Email address and I emailed him quickly. I did not expect that Shadie was familiar with Japanese culture, but he told me on his email that his mother was a sensei, which means a teacher in Japanese. I said actually ‘Wow!’ when I saw the message on the email.

Since then, I started hanging out with Shadie and Josh.


     <Who Shadie is>

Shadie can be divided into two segments to describe him; Carrot and Stick. ‘Carrot’ is for others and ‘Stick’ for Shadie himself.

Shadie is not judgmental and he can take anyone and anything as how you are and as what it is. If you say something funny, he laughs. If Shadie does not get what you say, he asks you what you meant. Whoever you are, Shadie will do the same to anyone. He treat you equally to others.
Shadie always sees everyone even when he is in a group, and cares about each of you.

When Shadie is talking to his friends, I am there as well, and I am quiet or confused because I do not what to say or because I do not know what they are talking about, Shadie always talks to me directly and asks me questions. It makes me feel good and I really appreciate that because I can see that he does not leave me alone and that he involves me in the conversation or the group.

He calls my name every time he mentions me in his conversation. You would feel good when your friend calls your name, right?

He remembers the stories I mentioned before, especially the funny ones, and he shares my stories, sometimes my stories with Shadie himself, with his friends when Shadie and I are in the same place.

So once he got connections between you, the connections will be getting strong and strong because he is interested in you. I can see friendships between Shadie and his friends are strong ties.

That is the ‘Carrot’ part.

I meant ‘Stick’ as discipline.

I think Shadie know what he wants in his life every time. It sometimes might not be clear even for him what it is exactly, but he seems to know at least where he is heading and where he wants to head. Whenever I listen to his story, nothing is vague and he does not look anxious about anything.

You can tell that he is so strict about himself when you see his body and muscle. If you can train yourself so hard, you can control yourself well. He will stay as a Jedi, will never fall to the dark side.


     <Awesome Episodes>

I have many episodes and memories with Shadie so it is hard to choose, but I will introduce one of the craziest stories that happened to us in my life to you.

It was in October last year. Protests that is called ‘The Umbrella Revolution’ occurred in Hong Kong. It was a big movement and I felt strong energy from youths there, I could not help visiting Hong Kong, seeing what was happening and feeling their potential energy and power there. I decided to go to Hong Kong quickly.

Before leaving Japan, I was checking my Facebook page and Shadie’s post jumped into my sight. It said that he was heading to Hong Kong from the US! I screamed “What!?” with excitement! It was just 3 days stay in Hong Kong for me, but fortunately, I could see Shadie and hang out with him in Hong Kong.

It was absolutely unpredictable but a happy coincidence! This is what I am talking about. You should go on a journey and make friends there. You will never know what would happen next!


Shadie lived in such a nice apartment when he was in New York. I loved the apartment so I was so happy hanging out with Shadie and his friends there.

His housewarming party, Saint Patrick’s Day etc.

Yes, we drunk a lot, played games a lot and laughed A LOT!!
Oh, and when I brought two big sake bottle for his housewarming party, he got so excited about it!! I wish I could show you his face that time, hahaha.

DSC02201 DSC02209


10409048_10152499188984533_12022368196329280_n 10356402_10152499189119533_499701820298478706_n

We hung out many times even outside of his apartment. Those are such fun memories!!

401847_10151653162104533_433646243_n 400755_10151653159719533_594550626_n



     <What Shadie is doing now>

Shadie is such a cool traveler! It is not where I thought he should be whenever I ask him where he is or I check his Facebook posts, so it is sometimes so difficult to track him, haha. But his favorite place now is Guatemala.

I need to learn how to be a great traveler from him next time!

It was great, no, wonderful seeing you and hanging out with you, Shadie!! I look forward to the next chance, maybe in San Francisco, in New York again or somewhere all over the world!!



I hope to catch up with you soon! I cannot wait for the the next Karaoke!!

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